Tampco Incorporated
Stainless Marine Fabricators
  Elkin NC
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About Us

About Our Company

Tampco, Inc was established in 1975 as a stainless steel fabricator of quality products for various manufacturers. Since 1986 the company has focused on the marine industry, which now represents the majority of our sales. The current customer base consists of over forty-five different marine manufacturers.  Tampco's product lines include items for fishing boats, bay boats, ski boats, family runabouts, and oceangoing yachts as well as various types of golf cart bumpers, furniture and misting tubes.

Our company purchases only American made stainless steel tubing from two of the largest tube mills in the country located less than an hour from our location. We operate in-house designed proprietary manufacturing equipment as well as a proprietary computer tracking system. These systems are unmatched and afford us a 99.7% on-time delivery service to our customers.

In addition to design and production in our 78,000 sq ft facility, Tampco offers its customers the exclusive "on-site" service provided by our prototype trailer. This trailer takes a smaller version of our manufacturing facility to the customer's site. We can work hand and hand with PD&E departments, and take their designs from paper to reality. All improvements, changes, etc. are made before leaving the customer's location, thus saving Tampco, as well as the customer, precious hours of development time
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